Interested in getting your APR?

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    What is APR?
    APR is a mark of distinction for public relations professionals who demonstrate their commitment to the profession and to its ethical practice, and who are selected based on broad knowledge, strategic perspective, and sound professional judgment. Accreditation in Public Relations is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals, administered by the Universal Accreditation Board.


    What is the purpose of Accreditation?
    The purpose is to unify and advance the profession by identifying those who have demonstrated broad knowledge, experience and professional judgment in the field. The program seeks to improve public relations practice. The designation Accredited in Public Relations (APR) signifies a high professional level of experience and competence.


    Who’s Eligible for APR?
    Members of participating organizations who are involved in the professional practice of public relations, or in the teaching or administration of public relations courses in an accredited college or university. Also, non-members who belong to member organizations of the North American Public Relations Council (NAPRC) and who meet the same requirements as Members are eligible. Please contact PRSA Headquarters for details.


    Who administers the Accreditation program?
    The Accreditation program is administered by the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), a consortium of 9 leading industry organizations, including PRSA.

    what is the fee to take the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations?
    The fee is $385. Several of UAB’s participating organizations offer their members a rebate for a portion of the examination fee as a member benefit. Check with your organization’s chair for details on the rebate.


    How do I get started & what’s the process?

    For more information on starting your accreditation journey, visit, or feel free to contact one of your local chapter APRs for assistance.